An array of delicious meals & snacks keep residents healthy and happy.

There are four dining areas at VIP, with a variety of support for everyone.

VIP’s dietary team is lead by a Registered Dietician and menus are revised often based on resident, family and staff suggestions. Food service includes breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as 3 additional healthful snacks.

Naturally, meals are tailored to each resident’s dietary needs and capabilities per their doctor’s orders, including:

  • FREE nutritional supplements (shakes similar to Ensure)
  • FREE thickeners to assist in swallowing
  • FREE high calorie shakes for diabetes management
  • Special Pureed diets
  • No Added Sugar (Diabetic) or No Added Salt options
  • Soft diets

In addition, we take great care to ensure residents remain hydrated throughout the day and that nutritional supplements are taken daily. We monitor and report trends in eating and drinking to the physician who can provide appetite stimulants if warranted. We have a state-of-the-art, electronic scale, that is very accurate in monitoring fluctuations in weight.

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