Ed and Toni

Ed and Toni have been married for many, many years.

Prior to coming to VIP, Ed was at another ALS facility where the staff believed in heavily medicating residents to modify their behavior. When Ed became so violent that he was Baker Acted, Toni knew she had to take her husband elsewhere. Unsure of what to do, Toni attended a support meeting facilitated by Scott Colton, Owner and Administrator of VIP. Afterwards she talked to Scott about VIP’s philosophy and programs, and how they could help Ed without relying solely on drugs. When Scott explained VIP’s customized structured programs, Toni was intrigued. When he told her about VIP’s Aging in Place, she felt she found the right place.

Ed has been at VIP since July 2014.
“He’s happy and back to being sweet,” she says, “They take good care of him.”

And that makes her happy.

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