Helen and Jennifer, Ray and Melanie

Helen, Jennifer’s mother, was a resident at an ALF called Williamsburg Landing.
Everything was fine until Helen became a risk for elopement; escaping into dangerous highways and roads. It was then that Jennifer and the staff mutually agreed that Helen needed a more secure facility. Jennifer trusted the staff at Williamsburg so when they recommended VIP Memory Care, she concurred. “My mother moved into the Unit 3 level,” states Jennifer. “And I moved on with total peace of mind that mom was safe and happy.” Through Jennifer’s positive word of mouth reviews, seven more people now call VIP home, including her son’s girlfriend’s grandfather.

Jennifer’s sister, Melanie, divorced her husband Ray 20+ years ago. Still on friendly terms she once visited him and became alarmed at his dementia, and by the fact that he was living alone. After 2 ½ years of pleading with his family, she finally convinced them he needed full time care.

Taking advice from her sister, Jennifer, Melanie got Ray a room at VIP Memory Care, where she visits often.
“I’m comforted by the fact that the man I once loved is now in a safe and caring environment,” she states.

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